At Preferred Materials, we’re about people serving people. Our employees are the stars. They set us apart from our competition, and they are the reason why customers prefer doing business with us. Their stories help us tell our story. We recognize our “star” employees who exemplify these characteristics:

  • GOOD PEOPLE. Quality, safety, reliability. You can be confident that Preferred will always deliver on that. If there’s ever an issue, we make it right. Period. And if you need something more, we will make it happen with a can-do attitude. Because as our customer, YOU come first.
  • SMART, PROACTIVE PARTNERS. Beyond the products we sell, we’re your partners who want to help you build your business. Sharing national best practices. Taking the time to listen to you. Bringing our team together to strategize with you on a regular basis.
  • COMMUNITY-MINDED. Community is family and that’s what gives meaning to our lives. Working together with each other and with customers, our Preferred team shares their time and talent to make the community where we live a better place.

Super Stars: 2nd Quarter 2015

Whatever It Takes – #101

Maria Perez
Office Manager

“Ever since I was little, my parents encouraged me to do my very best – that’s the only way I know how to work. I try every day to honor the values they instilled in me about working hard to achieve your goals. If a customer or a co-worker needs immediate assistance, I drop whatever I’m doing. They know they can always count on me to do whatever it takes to make sure they have the help they need.”

– Maria Perez, Office Manager

Do the Right Thing – #102

Floyd McFann
Ready Mix Driver

“We both got lucky that day. He gets to go home to his family. I get to keep driving for Preferred, where I learned during company training and from our other experienced drivers to never get in a hurry and that safety always comes first.”

– Floyd McFann, Ready Mix Driver

Make It Happen – #103

Todd Bush
Asphalt Plant Manager

“I’ve been with Preferred for 22 years, and the people I work with are like family. I’ve spent my entire career here, and I never want to let our customers or co-workers down. I felt a great sense of pride and accomplishment to make this complex, last-minute request happen.”

– Todd Bush, Asphalt Plant Manager

Go the Extra Mile – #104

Thomas Detrick
Ready Mix Driver

“I could never just sit back and watch someone fail. All I did was make a phone call, but apparently it saved the day. That’s just what we do for our customers. They’re family and we’re going to take care of them.”

– Thomas Detrick, Ready Mix Driver

Above and Beyond – #105

Mike Lindboe
Regional Quality Control Manager

“Constant communication was critical in getting this new aggregate mix approved by the State Materials office in record time. Our customers were counting on us to go above and beyond and make this happen. Our highly motivated team worked together like we always do, and condensed a two month process into just under four weeks saving everyone a lot of time and money.”

– Mike Lindboe, Regional Quality Control Manager

Safety Always – #107

Jeff Wilson
Asphalt Foreperson

“We just preach safety around here. Everyone takes responsibility. Safety is a top priority, and it’s been like that ever since I started with the company 26 years ago. That was the main reason I was able to quickly figure out a solution to keep work and pedestrians moving safely through the 34 Pelican Bay crosswalks during this paving project.”

– Jeff Wilson, Asphalt Foreperson

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