Cecil Field Airport Runway 18L-36R

Project: Cecil Field Airport Runway 18L-36R

Location: Jacksonville - Duval County

Company: Preferred Materials Inc. - Asphalt Division

Completion Date: 5/12/11

Cost: $5,531,300

Awards: 2012 ACAF Award Special Project (District 2)

Quick Facts: Re-profile milling and resurfacing of Runway 18L-36R.

Asphalt and Paving

This project included 31,000 tons P-401 asphalt (FAA Specifications).

In addition to the paving, other work consisted of the repair of concrete pavement slabs, joint and crack sealing of storm drainage pipes, lining of storm inlets and runway pavement markings.

A pave-smart grade control was attached to the milling equipment to re-profile the existing runway and was also used during the paving operation.  The use of the grade control was to ensure a finished pavement surface not to vary from grade line elevations and cross-sections by more than 1/2″ in 50 feet, which was verified by surveying

The project was completed 15 days ahead of schedule without any penalties.

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