“Ready” Custom Concrete Mixes

A leading supplier of ready mixed concrete throughout the southeast, Preferred Materials proudly offers its exclusive, custom “Ready” family of concrete mixes.

As with all things Preferred, the “Ready” line started with understanding our customers’ needs and the challenges they encounter every day. Specialty situations require customized solutions. Our Quality Control Managers – using feedback from customers and extensive laboratory and field testing – have developed unique and superior products that address specific industry concerns.

Preferred Materials maintains four CMEC-accredited concrete Quality Control Labs throughout Florida, an impressive distinction unlike other companies in our business. This means we understand the ground you’re working on because it’s our backyard, too.

The benefits go beyond labor savings and easy placement for contractors. Project owners also realize long term value, as many of the most common pitfalls of difficult concrete applications have been engineered out of the equation. No other company delivers these “Ready” custom mixes like Preferred Materials.

“Ready” Mixed Concrete Product Line


PlaceReadyDeveloped in Preferred Materials’ Tampa Lab by certified technicians, PlaceReady™ is a self-consolidating, form finish concrete. It’s completely customizable with a high spread (25″ – 30″), low shrinkage and long slump-life. With this product, vibration can be completely eliminated. PlaceReady™ is highly durable, especially in aggressive environments, and qualifies for LEED credits.

PlaceReady Residential™

PlaceReadyRes_Logo-2Specifically for residential applications, this version of PlaceReady™ was developed to maximize placement efficiency without sacrificing quality. Meticulously proportioned and designed to perform at a high slump, PlaceReady Residential™ shows up on the job just the way finishers like it so they can pour it out fast and easy. So when you’re challenged to keep your project on time and on budget or if you just want your crew to perform like two crews, be sure to ask for PlaceReady Residential™.


ColorReadyPreferred’s ColorMatic dispensing system creates almost any color at a moment’s notice. With immediate access to thousands of colors, there’s no more waiting for delivery of pigment. The ability to match manufacturers’ colors accurately takes the guesswork out of using colored concrete. Preferred can even take samples of hardened concrete and develop a custom color to match aged or in-place colored concrete. ColorReady™ mixes are designed to eliminate the need for additional jobsite water. This allows for quicker and easier finishing operations and, more importantly, helps maintain uniform color throughout the project.


SlipReadySlipReady™ mixes were created for use in extruded applications, such as curb, gutter, and barrier wall. Designed to keep your machine moving, these highly durable mixes require very little finishing, patching or repairing, and qualify for 2 – 4 LEED credits.


GeoReadyGeoReady™ is Preferred Materials’ advanced compaction grout. This product has properties that allow it to be pumped great distances underground. GeoReady™ has been modified to maintain slump-life in excess of 4 hours (often necessary in sinkhole remediation). These mixes qualify for 4 LEED credits.


FormReadyReducing finishing crew time with labor savings by 30% – 50%, FormReady™ is a highly durable product that doesn’t require screeding or vibration. Large footings are easily poured, often from a single location, as the concrete will “run” around the footer. On projects with good access to forms, a pump may not be necessary. One of the significant savings of FormReady™ is the creation of a form finish that eliminates the need for pointing and patching.


DrainReadyTaking pervious concrete to the next level, DrainReady™ is designed to be extremely permeable, stronger, easier to place and significantly more durable than typical pervious concrete. DrainReady™ and the role it plays in a project’s storm water management plan helps to maximize LEED credits.


FlatReadyFlatReady™ utilizes an optimum proportion of cementitious and aggregate constituent products to meet and exceed flatness and levelness specifications common in large commercial construction projects. The design also produces highly durable Ready mixed concrete that qualifies for 2 – 4 LEED credits.


MarineReadyBy land or by sea, durable MarineReady™ mixes are designed to last up to 100 years in marine environments. Using concrete life modeling software and a proprietary blend of constituent materials, MarineReady™ is customizable to achieve your project’s needs. In addition, Preferred Materials utilizes the Surface Resistivity Test in accordance with FDOT guidelines to further ensure these mixes meet the required specifications. MarineReady™ is the perfect choice for docks, seawalls and bridges.


GreenReadyFor unmatched sustainability, GreenReady™ is a custom designed mix that uses high amounts of recycled products and is suitable for a variety of applications. These mixes qualify for maximum LEED credits.


WeatherReadyWeatherReady™ mixes are modified to overcome environmental factors so you don’t have to. These mixes can be accelerated to set normally in very cold weather, or retarded to set normally in very hot weather. WeatherReady™ mixes can be produced with or without chloride bearing admixtures, allowing for use in all types of construction.


ShotReadyShotReady™ has been designed to achieve superior adhesion for use on vertical surfaces. Ideal applications include pool shells and decorative concrete features. ShotReady™ qualifies for 2 – 4 LEED credits.


blockBlockReady™ has been designed and proportioned to qualify as a C-476 masonry grout. It has excellent pumpability and is extremely flowable. BlockReady™ has also been modified to maintain slump-life in hot weather and qualifies for 2 – 4 LEED credits.